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Anatomy of a Roast Shoot

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately. Recently I had the great joy of shooting the food of Chef Phil Crispo at the Norumbega Inn in Camden, Maine. If you don’t know Phil and Sue the owners of the Norumbega, put it on your bucket list!
I’m always interested in getting into the kitchen with a chef. I love to cook and I learn a lot about that being there, but from a food photography standpoint, there really is no better place to get into the head of a chef in terms of his plating and over all styling.

Norumbega Holiday - Phil Crispo RoastNorumbega Holiday - Phil Crispo RoastNorumbega Holiday - Phil Crispo Roast

And if the chef you’re working with is a Culinary Institute of America instructor and competition master chef like Phil Crispo, then all that experience and his incredible attention to detail is evident and I think it just comes out in the images.

Norumbega Holiday - Phil Crispo Roast Norumbega Holiday - Phil Crispo Roast

I’ll have more images with Phil and Sue and the Norumbega Inn to come but I mentioned earlier that I love to cook and I got the opportunity to cook with Chef Phil for a wedding that they had at the Inn. What an experience that was for me. What I’ve learned from that experience can’t help but make my cooking more enhanced. Certainly at the very least I know what to call it when I chop onions, celery and carrots. Mirepoix!


There are more shoots to do.




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